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If you've been unlucky enough to be turned down for a loan by your bank, you shouldn't be waving goodbye to your chances of obtaining business finance just yet.  Here at Millennium Merchant Services we offer business loan alternatives in the form of a merchant cash advance.  So, even if your bank has slammed the door in your face and declined your loan application we won't do the same - we'll help you!

The merchant cash advances that we offer are an unsecured business loan alternative.  The money that you get as part of your cash advance can be used for everything from renovation work to bringing in more stock.  Our business cash advances are there for businesses of all sizes, and businesses from all different niches.  If your business is starved of cash and the day to day running of it is nothing short of an impossible mission, you should think about applying for a cash advance in order to remove those financial constraints, so your business can go on to become profitable and continue to grow once again.

Let MMS provide you with the financial assistance you need, so you can focus on more important things.

Next time you apply for a loan from your bank and they decline, don't look for another bank to borrow from - try us!  We know exactly how important it is to have finance available to you, when you need it.  Our application process is relatively short and simple, and the time frame for the funds to be disbursed to you is around 7 days.  We can provide cash advances of up to $1 million - which is more than enough to help shore up most small to medium size businesses.

Traditional Bank Loans Are Not The Same As A Cash Advance

Although bank loans and cash advances are both ways of raising capital for your business, they have very few things in common.  A cash advance is an alternative form of finance - much quicker and easier to obtain than a traditional loan.

  • Credit history is not important
  • Our repayment terms are flexible - you'll pay a set percentage of your sales back each month - not a fixed sum
  • We won't demand collateral
  • Our application process is quick and easy - you don't need to jump through hoop after hoop like you do with a bank loan
  • Approvals typically take under 24 hours - the finance you need can be with you in just 7 days

Our approval rate for business cash advances is currently around 80% because we lend to businesses that other institutions refuse to deal with.  Due to the high percentage of approvals here at MMS it's fair to say you stand a great chance of securing the capital that you need from us . Find out within 24 hours whether we can help you or not - apply for a cash advance today.

Business Financing Industries

  • Restaurant Financing
  • Beauty Salon and Spa Financing
  • Liquor Store Financing
  • Medical Financing
  • Financing for Retail Stores
  • Nightclub & Bar Financing

Alternative Business Financing

  • Bad Credit - Not a Problem
  • No Application Fees
  • No Collateral Required
  • No Stressful Fixed Payment Schedule
  • No Personal Guarantee