Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

Millennium Merchant Services is sometimes asked questions by our merchants about our products, services, and how to begin using them properly in a timely fashion.  So we have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions and the best answers for them.  Hopefully this may help.

How do I apply for a merchant account?

Just fill out our free and easy no obligation application online or call us at 1-(866) 430-6500 and we can either fax, scan, or have one of our representatives meet face-to-face to help you fill out your application.

How long does the approval process take?

Once your application is filled out and sent over to us, the process normally takes anywhere from 12-24 hours.  As soon as you are approved we will reach out to you and then deliver your equipment (Point Of Sale Terminal, APPLE PAY TERMINAL, PHONE SWIPE, TABLET, ETC.) and it will reach you within 1-4 business day.  We also have RUSH options available.

What is the Millennium Merchant Services Meet-or-Beat program?

We have a network of solutions of over 30 countries as well as the lowest rates in the industry.  Our Meet-or-Beat program is second to none and we will PAY YOU $500 if we can't deliver.

What types of businesses does Millennium Merchant Services accept as merchants?

We accept professional service providers, trade shows, retail, restaurants, lodging/hotels, telephone order, internet based, mail order, and home-based businesses.  We even accept adult-related businesses and high-risk accounts with a 95% approval rate on all merchants.

Do I need a business license to obtain a merchant account?

Not necessarily, but that piece of documentation will help satisfy our banks and make them a bit more comfortable with providing their services for you; but if there are other documents to show credibility than we can work with you. However generally it depends with the risk associated with your business. But as we said before, we hold a 95% approval rate.

Do I need a business checking account to obtain a merchant account?

If your business is operating as a sole proprietorship then a business checking account is not needed, but if you're a corporation then you will need a business account linked with your corporation, LLC, or etc.

What if I have do not have good credit?

Do not worry because in almost all cases with Millennium Merchant Services we will get you approved and taking payments good or bad credit, we will always have a solution for you.

What type credit cards will I be able to accept with a merchant account with Millennium Merchant Services?

Millennium Merchant Services can assist you in being able to accept all major providers such as:
MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Bank ATM cards, EBT and PayPal over the counter in your store, as well as online gateways.

My website isn't ready.  Can I still qualify for an account?

Yes, definitely even if your site is temporary we can set up an account for you.  As long as the site has prices, photos of product, and gives us and our banks a general idea of what you sell, then yes most definitely.  And if later on you need assistance in finishing the site we also have experts that can assist you with that as well.  Just one of the many benefits you have as a merchant with Millennium Merchant Services

Can I use a smart phone or tablet to process credit cards?

Yes, Millennium Merchant Services has two different options for its merchants: #1 Smartphone processing, and #2 Tablet processing.  Both products are free with a no-contract agreement.  You may view both products on our home page or call us at 1 (866) 430-6500 and we can assist you in finding the best solution.

How will I get funded for my transactions?

Via the account you provide us, most of the time it will be funded next day via ACH.

Is there a customer service number that I can call if I need help?

Yes, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Will I receive a monthly statement?

Yes, you may choose to receive it online or via US mail to you every month

Do you accept new or foreign businesses?

Yes, we accept new and foreign businesses.

Do I have to have a social security number in order to start accepting credit cards for my business?

No, you do not need a social security number to start accepting credit cards for your business.

I keep getting calls from merchant service providers that tell me my equipment is not certified any longer and I need to convert to EMV with their company, can I find out more about this?

It is true that EMV is coming and that it will be mandatory, but not until October 1, 2015.  But there are many ways for you to meet these requirements and MMS has a multiple array of different solutions so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs, unlike most of our competitors who only have the option to sell you new equipment.  Check with us first, you'll be glad you did.  To find out more about EMV, read our more detailed explanation.

What if I want to add an ATM machine to my business?  Does your company handle them and what type of program do you have?

MMS actually has the best ATM program in the market.  We provide everything for free including the ATM, installation, maintenance, programming, all the cash services including handling all the cash inflow so that you do not need to handle anything on your end as well as the processing.  In addition we offer a "Video Topper" designed to promote your business that you will have control over and can change it for special promotions or any type of advertising as often as you need to.  This is all absolutely free of charge and you make $1.00 for each transaction that runs through the ATM.

I don't know enough about PCI Compliance, can you help?

PCI Compliance has been in effect for over 3 years, it is a mandatory regulation instituted by the Card Associations (Visa, MC, Discover and AMEX) it must be completed on a yearly basis or you run the risk of paying a sizeable non compliance fee monthly from your processor.  Besides not being compliant and risking a fine from the associations, it is mandatory for any business of any type accepting credit cards as a form of payment.