Discover® Pay Card Program

payroll discover card

Do you know what it costs a company, your company for example, to issue a single paper pay check?

According the American Payroll Association, it costs $2.00 to process a single paper pay check and an additional $9.00 to if you have to mail checks to employees or send checks to other locations or job sites.

With our Discover® Pay Card Program, both the employer and employee save time and money and will receive the following benefits:


  • Eliminate the cost of processing, delivering and storing paper payroll checks.
  • Significantly reduce bank service fees and account reconciliation costs.
  • Stop expensive bank wire transfers and "overnight" deliveries.
  • Pay all employees, banked or unbanked, with direct deposit.
  • Significantly reduce payroll preparation time.
  • Deliver all wages, commissions, bonuses and expense re-imbursements electronically.
  • Elimination of escheatment liability as it is passed on to the financial institution that actually holds your employee's funds.


  • Pay all employees, banked or unbanked, with a virtual, electronic bank account.
  • All wages, commissions, bonuses, expense re-imbursements delivered instantly in real-time.
  • No more trips to cash paychecks at banks or check cashing stores.
  • No more check cashing fees.
  • Eliminate the need to issue replacement of a lost or stolen check.
  • Pay bills on line.
  • Shop the Internet.
  • Get additional cards for family members.
  • Obtain account balances and transactions online or by IVR.
  • No longer having to go to the workplace to pick up pay checks on days off or during vacations.
  • Experience increased safety and security associated with not having to physically carry cash
    after cashing your paycheck.
  • Decrease exposure to identity theft when check statements are issued to employees online