ABISTAR International Pay Card Program

Payroll managers worldwide are learning of the inherent feature benefits and cost savings that can be achieved from the introduction of an electronic payroll card program for their employees.

In response to the overwhelming demand from international companies for electronic payroll services, we have contracted with ABI Bank & Trust Limited of Antigua to introduce to international-based companies the ABISTAR Pay Card Program (the “Card”) that allows companies to pay all their employees, banked or unbanked, electronically.

With the implementation of an electronic payroll program, employers can immediately benefit by saving money and resources associated with payroll processing and distribution while the employees benefit from knowing that their wages are accurately, consistently and securely being deposited onto their personal ABISTAR Pay Card account.


Pay cards operate in a manner similar to traditional debit cards that are linked to a checking and/or savings account provided by the sponsoring financial institutions. The primary difference between a bank-issued card and our pay card, the employer establishes a virtual electronic bank account for their employees with Antigua Bank & Trust Limited. Once the employer creates this pay card account, the employer then issues a pay card to their employee and can immediately begin to electronically deposit wages, expense reimbursements and travel advances, into the employee’s pay card account.

In addition, the employee can use their Card to withdrawal cash from ATMs, make Point of Sale purchases, shop the Internet and transfer money to other cardholder’s pay card accounts worldwide.

Advantages for the Employee:

  • Guaranteed card approval.
  • No bank account required.
  • No credit check.
  • No employment verification.
  • Load employee pay card via direct deposit.
  • Send money instantly around the world to family members and friends for much less than other money transfer services.
  • Withdraw funds from of ATM machines worldwide.
  • Use the Card to make purchases at any merchant that accepts MasterCard.
  • Eliminate money orders by paying bills on-line.
  • Shop on the Internet.
  • The Card is “portable” from one employer to the next.
  • Eliminates check cashing fees and waiting in long lines.
  • Cardholders have free 24/7 access to account information via toll-free number or secure internet website.
  • Multilingual customer service.
  • Each Card has a built-in voice-mail system to delivery announcements of card load.


In a perfect payroll world, all employees in an organization would have their own bank accounts and would proactively elect to receive their pay via direct deposit. However, the reality is that not every employee has a bank account or can easily open one for a variety of reasons

With the recent introduction and increased availability of pay cards, now international employers have a viable payment option that can be use to electronically pay their entire workforce. In fact, both employers and their employees can share in the advantages that pay cards offer.


  • Eliminate having to pay wages in cash.
  • Pay all employees with direct deposit.
  • Significantly reduce payroll preparation costs and delivery times.
  • Deliver all wages, commissions, bonuses and expense re-imbursement electronically
  • Eliminate paper paychecks having to be produced and sent out by the employer
  • Minimize exposure to paycheck fraud.


  • Immediately eliminate check-cashing fees that they may have historically paid into to receive their wages each payday;
  • Trips to wait in line to cash paper paychecks at banks or check cashing establishments are eliminated;
  • Wages can be accessed via 24-hour ATM networks;
  • No longer having to go to their worksite to pick up paychecks on days off or during vacations;
  • Experience increased safety and security associated with not having to physically carry their entire pay on their person, in cash, after cashing their paycheck;
  • Purchase goods and services at point-of-sale terminals;
  • Decrease exposure to identity theft as the likelihood of personal information on paychecks ending up in the wrong hands is eliminated when paychecks and pay statements are no longer issued to employees on paper;
  • Option to have additional cards for family members located anywhere in the world for money transfers;
  • Decrease the remote chance of not being paid timely due to unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, that can impact the delivery of paper paychecks via air and/or ground transportation.
  • Develop good financial and budget habits by spending only what is available on the card;
  • Have a “sense of pride” when using a pay card.

Advantages of ABI Bank and Trust Limited, Antigua

  • Economic, social and political stability with self-rule since 1981.
  • Strict statutory protection of confidentiality.
  • Long-established and progressive international financial services sector.
  • Modern, competitive financial-services laws.
  • Well-established legal system based on English common law.
  • Excellent communications facilities.
  • Well-regulated financial services sector.